No act of kindness is ever wasted

Love Riverside began in 2016 after Lynn was inspired in seeing other cities in California making an impact by bringing kindness to their communities through citywide serve days and other collaborative efforts. Love Riverside hosted it's first Serve Day on October 22, 2016. We initially hoped for 15 projects and 200 volunteers, instead, we celebrated an amazing day with 30 diverse projects and close to 500 volunteers who served their communities. We also had incredible support from city leaders. It affirmed to our Team what we already knew...that Riverside is full of people who have kindness in their heart and who desire to serve their communities in impacting ways.

About Us

Our Vision

Love Riverside's vision is to inspire generosity that brings love in action to Riverside. We do this through leading community-wide serve day/s, inspiring ongoing volunteerism, collaborating among leaders & organizations and communicating citywide happenings and initiatives within neighborhoods. In addition, Love Riverside also began working in the area of food insecurity and supporting Families and our Seniors during the Covid-19 crisis.

About Us

Our Goals

  • Hosting annual serve day/s called Love Riverside with service projects all over Riverside (2nd weekend in October).
  • Building a team of city ambassadors that will serve other efforts and engage in meetings and conversations that lift up the city of Riverside.
  • Collaborating with other leaders and organizations in hosting smaller projects year-round.
  • Communicating the fabulous efforts and ways to engage that are happening around the city of Riverside through our social media sites. Please follow us and share us with your friends.

Our Success is dependent upon you!

Thank you!

Partner with us!

There are different ways to partner with us in loving Riverside:

Be a Project Host, Assemble volunteers from your business/church/school/friends for the projects, provide gifts-in-kind, Sponsor the Serve Day or a project in your neighborhood (Different levels of sponsorship available). Contact us to see how you can participate, we work with all areas of giving and it is much appreciated! Thank you!

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Love Our Cities Movement: Love Riverside is part of a city movement called “Love Our Cities” and began in Modesto CA. Love Riverside was launched in 2016 for * Demonstrating Kindness * Spreading Goodness * Building Community * in the city of Riverside CA

Love Riverside is a dba under our nonprofit 501(c)3 organization HEALTHY LEADERS THRIVING CITIES (EIN 33-0826079) where we currently host serve days and work collaboratively year round in programs that serve our city of Riverside, CA.