Love Riverside is all about loving and serving our neighbors and creating stronger communities throughout the year. We serve our neighborhoods through various types of neighborhood projects on our annual Love Riverside Serve Weekend (always the second weekend in October). We also love to partner with the ongoing efforts of the Neighborhood Engagement Team (City of Riverside), Riverside Neighborhood Partnership and National Night Out.

Find out what neighborhood you belong to by checking out this MAP. Share creative ideas on social media on how your neighbors are connecting and helping one another and hashtag us (#loveriverside) so we can spread the news. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or if you have any ideas on how we can love and serve our neighbors together.

Thank you for being a great neighbor in Riverside!

Since the first year of the Pandemic, Love Riverside began to help out by collecting food and distributing it to families in need. We also began to partner with our local neighborhood Food Pantries that are providing distributions weekly (thank you!) by providing food and support to them as they serve our community.

It has become increasingly known that our Seniors are experiencing increased Food Insecurity in our nation and the City of Riverside has stepped up to help them in this season of need. In the Fall of 2022, Love Riverside entered into a new partnership with the City of Riverside (CDBG funded) that is bringing additional food/produce to our Seniors living in Senior Apartments in our city. We are honored to be assisting our Seniors at this time and letting them know we, as a city, care for them in practical ways by bringing additional food to them monthly. Presently, we are serving 19 different Apartment complexes each month. We distribute food to them on Tues, Wed and Thurs.

Food Insecurity

In the beginning of the Pandemic, Love Riverside began hosting Food Collections to help stock the shelves at our neighborhood pantries and serve families in need. Since 2020, Love Riverside has continued to work in helping Families and Seniors with several programs. Senior Marketplace Food Distributions began last September (2022) and distributes food and fresh produce to 19 Senior Apartment complexes, representing 1500 Senior Households. This program is funded thru the City of Riverside, (ARPA and CDBG funding) and is implemented thru Love Riverside and RUSD Nutritional Services. If you are interested in volunteering at our distributions (occurring Tues, Wed & Thurs each week), please contact us for more info.

Community Service

Love Riverside believes in the power of giving back and making a difference in your community. In the midst of all the negative news we hear, we can step up and volunteer in our community and help bring positive changes and impact and be a part of the good story that has been happening in Riverside. Love Riverside serves as a community volunteer hub to help you engage in your community by showcasing the many wonderful nonprofits that are already serving in areas of positive change and impact. Love Riverside also hosts our own service projects that you can participate in and hosts an annual citywide Serve Day the second Saturday in October. If you are interested in volunteering in some area of Riverside, contact us and we will be happy to make some recommendations for you.


Love Riverside has always believed in the power of promoting good neighborliness in our 26+ neighborhoods in Riverside but the pandemic caused us all to see the power and necessity to be connected to those you live in close proximity. Love Riverside works alongside several organizations that are promoting neighborhood well-being, including the City of Riverside Neighborhoods department, Riverside Neighborhood Partnership and Riverside Police Department. Contact us for more info.

Co-lab Network

Love Riverside loves the synergy that happens when individuals and organizations connect to work together for the common good in our communities. To help facilitate this “Collaboration Network”, we host monthly team meetings to hear from other community members and also extend an open invitation to others who want to meet with us to discuss ways to connect and serve our communities together. Contact us for more info.

You are invited to join partner with connect with us!

Only that you can’t imagine, nothing that we can’t achieve.


Volunteer one day a month to distribute food with us


Adopt a Senior Apartment complex in the holidays and partner with us to bring additional gifts or goodies to them (Apartments vary between 32-273 units, you can choose one that fits best).


Donate financially to Love Riverside so that we can add extra items to our distributions each month and also continue with our other programs.